Isn't this just <other-language>?

Hurl makes no claims at being unique or novel. The concepts have been explored elsewhere as well. However, to the best of the author's knowledge, it is the first language to provide just exception handling for control flow and make that the primary construct.

Can I call it Hurllang?

No, the name of the language is Hurl. It is not Hurllang, Hurlling, or any other variation.

Did you make it bad on purpose?

No! I assure you, if this were meant to be a bad language it would be far worse. It is testing out how far we can take one thing ("only exceptions!") and the unpleasant nature of the language is a side effect, not the intention.

Is it production ready?

Please don't. If you must, commercial licenses are available for what I assure you is a totally reasonable price. Reach out.

Why did you do this?

To see if we could! We never stopped to ask if we should.

This was an educational project, and much was learned.