Hurl is not distributed by any package managers as far as the language maintainers1 are aware. Installing it is straightfowrard as long as your platform supports the standard Rust toolchain.

  1. If you don't have cargo installed, install Cargo. You probably want to have at least 1.73.0-nightly, since that's what the 1.0 release of Hurl was tested on.
  2. Clone the repo:
    git clone
  3. Install Hurl by running these inside the cloned repo:
    cargo install --path .


Hurl ships with one binary, hurl, which is both the interpreter and the formatter.

To see the usage instructions for hurl, any of these should do it.

hurl --help
hurl -h
hurl help

To format code, use the fmt command and pass in the directory containing the files you want to format. It will recursively format all files in-place in the passed-in directory. If you just want to check if formatting is correct, use the -c option.

# in-place format of all files in src/
hurl fmt src/

# checks if the files are correctly formatted, does not update in place
hurl fmt -c src/

To run code, use the run command and pass in the file you want to run.

hurl run my_program.hurl


Nicole is the only maintainer, but being all formal about it makes this project sound more serious, doesn't it?